WordPress and Divi

Why choose WordPress and Divi for your website?

Are you thinking about creating a website, but don’t know where to start? WordPress and Divi are the perfect partners to support you in this digital adventure. Easy to use, flexible and offering a multitude of features, they will allow you to create a site that reflects your business.

WordPress et Divi


With its flexibility, its numerous plugins and customizable themes, WordPress offers you the possibility of designing a site in your image, while being easy to manage. Thanks to this renowned platform, you will be able to easily achieve your objectives and capture the attention of your visitors. Choose simplicity and performance with WordPress.


Infinitely customizable, intuitive and dynamic, Divi gives you the freedom to create a unique and captivating design that will enhance your business. Thanks to its many features and customization options, Divi allows you to design a website that meets your ambitions by combining creativity and efficiency.


With more than 40 websites created since 2016, Mapweb stands out for its expertise in the use of WordPress and Divi to guarantee exceptional achievements. Explore my unique creations and customer testimonials on my website.

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Divi Contact Form Zero Spam

Divi Contact Form Zero Spam

Is the Divi Contact Form Module’s integrated spam protection not functioning for you?

« Divi Contact Form Zero Spam » surpasses both Google reCaptcha and the basic captcha. Try this plugin if you’re receiving spam.

« Divi Contact Form Zero Spam » uses an anti-spam mechanism to efficiently prevent spam. Simply activating the plugin is all that is required; no additional settings or configuration are required.